Scenic Azure

The 5-star Scenic Azure has just 48 cabins and an almost 1:2 staff-to-guest ratio, so you're guaranteed a more intimate experience during your time on-board. What's more, 87% of our suites feature bespoke Scenic 'Sun Lounges', allowing you to enjoy the Portuguese sun.

The 5-star Scenic Azure boasts the same all-inclusive luxury experience that has become synonymous with Scenic. From unlimited complimentary drinks to on-shore excursions, it's all included and pre-planned to ensure you make the most of your time on the Douro. Whether you're docked in a sunny port or sailing the waters, you'll soon discover that this ship has been constructed primarily for the enjoyment of her guests.


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Scenic’s all-inclusive service means everything is included in the price, so whether it’s a glass of champagne watching the Douro views pass by in the Panorama Lounge & Bar or an on-shore excursion exploring the highlights of this beautiful region, guests can relax knowing it’s all taken care of.


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Guests can choose to dine at a choice of five on-board venues, from a casual cake and sandwich at the River Café to a six-course degustation menu at the exclusive Table La Rive where delicious dishes and complementary wines are expertly paired. And, for a spot of relaxation, guests can unwind in the Vitality Pool on Sun Deck or visit the dedicated fitness and wellness areas.


Scenic strictly limits the guest and cabin numbers. Not out of pretension or pride, but because in their experience, they know their guests appreciate a real sense of space. In fact, the wonderful scenery gliding by is often the only reminder you have that you’re actually on a ship.

health fitness

Whilst aboard the ship, guests are provided with a Fitness centre and a Wellbeing centre where luxurious treatments such as a one-hour aroma therapy full-body massage are available*.

*Treatments are not included in the price

kid & teen

Please note: The Scenic Azure does not have any specific facilities to accommodate Kids/Teens.


The Douro is intrinsically connected to wine. Grapes were first cultivated around 4,000 B.C and Port shipments began in 1678 when British traders blockading France sailed this ‘golden’ river to meet Portuguese vintners who stabilised red wine with brandy for the long trip to London.

The Douro’s history is more than wine; you’ll discover the significance of the Palaeolithic Vale do Côa rock paintings, witness traces of Spanish, Celtic, French and Arabic influences from across the ages, and revel in multiple World Heritage-listed sites including the living museum that is historic Porto.

The dramatic landscape of the Douro has protected a culture that has evolved since the Stone Age. Some of the ancient villages date back to Roman times whilst others are influenced by the agricultural practices of Benedictine monks.

You’ll find handicrafts of metal, stone, ceramic and wool are aplenty and discover unique embroidery, black clay pieces and wooden masks. The cities are just as alluring. Get your Spanish fix in intriguing Salamanca and explore cosmopolitan Porto, rich in architecture, stories of the seas, and lush green parks and gardens.

You’ll converse with the friendly locals who will share their close links to their land reflected in traditional farming methods and a great culinary tradition. The classic fortified Port style is exclusive to the Douro Valley, one of the world’s oldest protected wine regions.

The family-run quintas (estates) are the best place to enjoy Port as an apéritif before you dine on the freshest of fish, goat and veal, smoked meats and artisanal cheeses. The fertile soil also yields olives and almonds, the latter starring in the traditional sweet treats best enjoyed with a speciality liqueur.